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About HEA Engineering Solution

HEA Engineering Solutions (pvt) Ltd” is Information Technology based company which leading in providing of product supply & services for IT Solutions.

We offer to provide under one roof all kind of Solutions, a complete system design and appliance service. We will appreciate if we could arrange a meeting where we brief you about the salient features of our services. Incase if you have any inquiry or need further information, we will be more than glad to respect to your call or email.

Our Services

We provide IT & Business solutions

We are Providing Basic Information technology Solution that is building communications networks for a company, safeguarding data and information, creating and administering databases, helping employees troubleshoot problems with their computers or mobile devices, or doing a range of other work to ensure the efficiency and security of business information

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Data Security

Data security refers to the process of protecting data from unauthorized access and data corruption throughout its lifecycle. Data security includes data encryption, hashing, tokenization, and key management practices that protect data across all applications and platforms.An example of data security would be using encryption to prevent hackers from using your data if it's breached.

IT Management

IT management ensures that all technology resources and associated employees are utilized properly and in a manner that provides value for the organization. Effective IT management enables an organization to optimize resources and staffing, improve business processes and communication and enforce best practices. Individuals working in IT management must also demonstrate abilities.

Analytic Solutions

An analytical solution involves framing the problem in a well-understood form and calculating the exact solution. A numerical solution means making guesses at the solution and testing whether the problem is solved well enough to stop.The analytical solution is an exact solution to the model, but the model is an approximation to the physical reservoir.

Firewall Advance

The Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security MMC snap-in is more flexible and provides much more functionality than the consumer-friendly Windows Defender Firewall interface found in the Control Panel. Both interfaces interact with the same underlying services, but provide different levels of control over those services.

Infrastructure Plan

Pakistan is striving to improve its ranking as the slowest for infrastructure expansion in the region, according to the World Bank, through a $2.4 billion government investment for highways, power and transportation this year.The investment is in addition to billions of projects being funded by the World Bank, Asian Development Bank (ADB), Gulf Council Countries.

Chief Executive Officer

CEO is responsible for managing a company’s overall operations. This may include delegating and directing agendas, driving profitability, managing company organizational structure, strategy, and communicating with the board.

Chief Operating Officer

A successful COO needs to be able to work with all types of people. They must have leadership skills and experience in various fields such as finance and human resources. A good COO needs excellent communication and people skills as they oversee several departments throughout the organization.

Operational Manager

Operations management is an area of management concerned with designing and controlling the process of production and redesigning business operations in the production of goods or services.

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Question & Answer

Most common question about our services

How much does data analytics costs?

All in all, you can expect to spend a minimum of $1009.99 for data analytics if you will use ITS' Data Analytics services. The amount will go up depending on your software licenses, data sources, and hours of analysis & support.

What kind of data is needed for analysis?

The four types of data analysis are:
Descriptive Analysis.
Diagnostic Analysis.
Predictive Analysis.
Prescriptive Analysis.